Custom Crafted Ceramics

Our team of experts are there to find or build the perfect custom ceramics for you! Don’t be shy to enquire about our free quotes.

A Great Foundation 


At Monarch Ceramics we are inspired to make a difference in your home and yard. Our products are hand-made to add colour and art to your life. Let us help you to make your home unique and beautiful!

Shaping Your Living

We do everything we can to capture the true beauty of handcrafted materials. So our customers can add some life and personality to their home or yard.

Monarch High Quality Products


At Monarch, we offer nothing but high quality products to our esteemed clientele while respecting environmental restriction. We are proud to serve our clientele with the best customer service in Canada.

My Style, My Choice

There is no better feeling than seeing our products in your home. You should visit our social media pages or our product pages for more inspiration. Your imagination is the limit!

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